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Portfolio Three

6 Yard Line

Everything you need to stay up to date on the local high school sports scene.
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Go Fred

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Go JCMO is the app for having Jefferson City at your fingertips.
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Your guide to the St. Cloud area and Central Minnesota.
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Explore Hampton Roads

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Visit South Padre Island

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Our Company

  • Our Purpose

    Bar-Z strives to deliver creative content to people on whatever device they happen to have with them. Bar-Z works with publishers to make publishing content to multiple platforms easier. Our goal is to become the leading cross-platform publishing solution. We know there is no single perfect tool. So, we offer a tool belt and elbow grease to help publishers deliver the experience they have always dreamed of.
  • Our Story

    Bar-Z was founded in Austin, Texas in 2005. The company grew out of the rise of the smartphone here on top of the Silicon Hills. In the beginning, Bar-Z primarily served the tourism market with creative guides for many of the nations greatest cities and parks. Bar-Z has since expanded to include all types of publishers of all sizes. We sharpen our skills with each opportunity we get to innovate for our clients.
  • Our Name

    Company founder, Lee Little, named Bar-Z in honor of his grandfather, J.V. Gates and his distinctive Barzee Brahman Bulls. Mr. Gates was a south Texas rancher who attacked a critical problem with the development and breeding of the Brahman Bull—its aggressiveness. His insight and careful dedication allowed him to breed a “Naturally Gentle Brahman,” an animal never before seen in the cattle industry. Today, the Bar-Z brand continues to stand for innovation, resourcefulness, and perseverance.

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