About Bar-Z

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Bar-Z is a mobile software development firm based in Austin, TX.  Bringing over 10 years of experience, the company offers a variety of unique customized digital solutions for a variety of niche industries. Bar-Z works with organizations such as publishers and broadcasters, theme parks and attractions, municipalities, CVBs and destination marketing organizations to help them engage and communicate with their audiences and realize new revenue opportunities.

The Bar-Z Full Digital Platform supports mobile responsive design websites and native apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. This comprehensive approach delivers editorial, advertising and location-based content to audiences on any type of device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.


Our Story

Bar-Z was founded in Austin, Texas in 2005. The company grew out of the rise of the Smartphone here on top of the Silicon Hills. In the beginning, Bar-Z primarily served the tourism market with creative interpretive guides for many of the nations greatest cities and parks. Bar-Z has since expanded to develop solutions for all types of content "publishers". We sharpen our skills with each opportunity we get to innovate for our clients.


Our Name

Company founder, Lee Little, named Bar-Z in honor of his grandfather, J.V. Gates and his distinctive Barzee Brahman Bulls. Mr. Gates was a south Texas rancher who attacked a critical problem with the development and breeding of the Brahman Bull—its aggressiveness. His insight and careful dedication allowed him to breed a “Naturally Gentle Brahman,” an animal never before seen in the cattle industry. Today, the Bar-Z brand continues to stand for innovation, resourcefulness and perseverance.