App Spotlight: Go Brownfield


App Spotlight: Go Brownfield

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Photo Credit: The Brownfield News

It has been some time since we have focused on a specific Bar-Z client app and revealed their unique approach to creating an effective mobile project.  We have a wide range of wonderful client apps in our portfolio and many clients choose to do something extremely unique. It is hard to pick just one and present it when so many others deserve to be pointed out. But with the new year, we have decided to feature a new client app that embraces a new approach to reaching a broad audience and delivering a great mobile experience to users.

Out in West Texas is a city called Brownfield just thirty miles southwest of Lubbock.  The population is estimated around 9,719 people.  The city is considered the “Grape Capital of Texas” and has a long agricultural history.

The Brownfield News decided that rather than have only one organization behind their app, they would instead get all the important community organizations involved in the cause.  The resulting app features a total of eight organizations, each with its own dedicated section including unique content, logos and branding. The partners involved in Go Brownfield include the City of Brownfield, Terry County, Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation, Brownfield Regional Medical Center, Brownfield Independent School District as well as the Brownfield News. In turn, the graphics still maintain the same look and feel of the rest of the app, which keeps everything consistent for the user.  

Go Brownfield offers users comprehensive mobile access to the entire community ranging from the local ISD school calendar, county election information and links to the city bill pay services, to local news, events and business listings and even access to the medical center patient portals. The app also provides a useful platform for the Brownfield Chamber and Visitor Center to help grow area tourism. This app has something for everyone. 

This community-wide strategy works especially well for smaller towns where it doesn’t make much sense to divide content up into multiple smaller apps. Multiple apps for a small community can fragment audiences rather than provide an opportunity to grow an audience outside of the one that an organization would normally reach. An all-encompassing app approach provides a united front for those in the community. Each organization can still provide users with the content they want through different buttons within their respective app sections. 

This app strategy also helps everyone save some money by pooling their resources into a central mobile project.  All these organizations involved in one app means that each organization isn’t paying their own developers or a vendor, bringing mobile app development within reach of worthwhile community organizations that might not otherwise be able to afford it on their own.  This way each organization can help pitch into the cost and keep maintaining an app relatively inexpensive. 

Multiple app stakeholders also open up new opportunities for cross-promotion and a broader marketing reach.  Each organization can have a specific marketing plan that can contribute overall to app downloads.  The newspaper can advertise the app on its website and in its print products, whereas the city can include promotional information along with utility bills.  This helps a marketing plan be a little more aggressive than when only one or two organizations are working on the project together.

The Go Brownfield app is a prime example of a complete community portal project that will benefit all of the area residents with useful features and broad-ranging content. If you are a small community, this is one of many ideas to consider when it comes to developing your mobile product and creating an app that will be successful in terms of good content, audience development and monetization.  Download the Brownfield app to see the Grape Capital of Texas’ unique community approach to meeting the needs of residents and visitors.

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