Location Aware Content: Maps, Navigation, and Triggering


Bar-Z has a long history of delivering location-aware content. Our system provides features that are specifically designed to help app users take advantage of content right where it is relevant and needed.

Our unique "Triggering" technology uses GPS and location services to alert a user when a location, event or deal has been reached - pushing content to them at the moment it is needed! Imagine walking by a sandwich shop and getting a coupon automatically for 50% off, or approaching a comedy club and being alerted that a free open-mic night starts in 30 minutes. Our system allows you to format content to Trigger in a variety of ways to fit your audience and needs.

Interactive "Around Me" maps help uncover businesses, shops, restaurants, historic sites, and other points of interest that are near-by and turn-by-turn navigation helps users get to them stress-free.

Are you interested in helping your audience navigate a specialized environment such as a park or fair ground, or possibly a hiking trail or driving tour? We offer custom map overlays to help users find their way on interactive maps that are customized to your specific needs.

Bar-Z helps to incorporate your content into the environment of your audience.