Report It App Submissions


The new Bar-Z "Report It" feature is a great way to engage your app users, encourage user-generated content and increase community activism.

With a fully customizable form, the feature allows users to submit text, a map location, a photo and/or video directly to you from the app!

This flexible feature can be used in a wide variety of ways!

  • Enable users to submit a story lead, hot tip, photo or video footage directly to you
  • Encourage users to interact with the app and your organization
  • Support reader outreach and community activism
  • Collect "crowd sourced" content to include in your app such as sports scores or "soft news" such as asking users to “Send us your favorite photos from this year’s 4th of July Celebration”
  • Provide a full communication loop between your audience and your organization
  • Report non-emergency issues such as graffiti, street light outages or potholes

Reports are customized and easy to use!

  • Determine the fields of information and text you would like to include in your app - you can customize the information, labels and text for your market and audience
  • An embedded Google map notes the location of the story
  • Users submit text descriptions and other information
  • A photo and video can be uploaded or taken from within the app
  • You receive an email when the report is sent
  • Submitted reports are stored in the CMS for viewing, edits or export
  • Submissions can be displayed in the app and updated with comments and new information