Be Healthy Rockingham County, NC

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CLIENT: Rockingham County, NC

Every four years, Rockingham County comes together to assess the health of the community. Physical activity and nutrition has been a top health concern for community leaders and residents for the last 12 years. In an effort to address this concern, Be Healthy Rockingham County, NC was created by the Local Physical Activity and Nutrition (LPAN) Workgroup. The LPAN workgroup is comprised of various community organizations, agencies, businesses, and concerned citizens who want to improve their health as well as their family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. LPAN contacted Bar-Z with the idea to create a mobile app that allowed for the residents of Rockingham County to find everything to keep them healthy.

Bar-Z did provide graphical services to really give this app a vibrant and fun look and feel.  Be Healthy Rockingham County, NC will help residents find various healthy places like playgrounds, rivers, farmer's markets, roadside stands, recreation centers, trails, etc.  They even provide a variety of healthy recipes and even how to start a community garden.  You can also find fun upcoming events in all corners of this county.