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CLIENT: Fayetteville Observer

This project with the Fayetteville Observer provided a unique opportunity for the newspaper to roll out an app to support a special event and then utilize the flexible Bar-Z platform to edit and rebrand the app once the event finished. The app orignally launched as the Pinehurst Fan Insider to provide coverage of the US Open golf championship taking place in the area. For golf fans, Pinehurst visitors and anyone planning to attend the men's and women's championships in June, the Fan Insider was the expert guide to North Carolina's Sandhills and its legendary golfing from those who know the region best: The Fayetteville Observer.In a single app, users got headlines and news coverage leading up to the championships, live reporting from the fairways and festivities, an interactive look at Pinehurst's No. 2 course, the latest parking and logistical information, lists of places to eat, drink, shop and socialize, and an extensive directory of nearby golf courses, driving ranges and other attractions.Following the close of the US Open Championships the app was repositioned as an area guide for locals and visitors.