WKMG 6 Yard Line

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CLIENT: Graham Media Group

WKMG has partnered with us to create an app that keeps Floridians up-to-date with the best of high school football. Find out what is happening in the Orlando high school sports scene by reading up on news, game highlights, athletes and more.

The 6 Yard Line app is unique because it completely bypasses our CMS and provides a convenient to use shell for the mobile version of their high school sports site. Our client also wanted a way to monetize the app, and use it to heavily advertise a sponsorship from a local car dealer. Our apps can be built to specifically accommodate banner ads and interstitials ads, just like 6 Yard Line.

6 Yard Line also takes advantage of our take a photo feature by using it to encourage high school sports fans to take pictures of themselves and share them on social media using the hashtag #6YardLine.