Churches, Parishes and Religious Organizations


Bar-Z helps religious organizations engage with their members and connect with new prospects. A mobile solution for your church, parish or religious organization can help you meet a variety of goals using modern technology.

Our system delivers information and features that help people grow in their faith and actively participate with their church or parish.

  • Sacrament schedule & mass times
  • Daily inspirational messages & prayers
  • Maps & GPS directions to the closest parish
  • Digitized versions of religious magazines or printed newsletters
  • Bios on the cardinal, priests & other staff
  • Video & audio recordings of services
  • Registration forms to request additional information or submit prayer requests
  • Push notifications to receive news & updates
  • Social media integration to connect with the church & share information from the app
  • Multilingual support to reach a wider audience

Our software can provide you with a mobile solution with this and much more. Contact us to learn more about developing a mobile solution to help support your organization’s goals.