College Campus Tours


In today's high-tech world, prospective college students expect to access your campus information in their preferred format: on their Smartphones! When considering that, along with constrained budgets for traditional marketing and reduced staffing for live tours, a mobile solution is the perfect solution to meet the needs of your students and your school.

Bar-Z provides years of experience in creating iOS and Android native apps and responsive design websites to reach prospective students on any device they may have. 

Bar-Z mobile solutions provide a ton of features designed to market your school including:

  • Interactive Maps of your campus
  • Customizable Tours for different audiences or majors
  • Multimedia & Social Media integration
  • Registration Forms to collect detailed user information for targeted follow-up
  • Push Notifications & Banner Messaging to provide time-sensitive announcements
  • Event Listings & Features for information on campus Services, history and traditions
  • Digital Postcards for students to create & share memories of their visit
  • Interactive Passport to encourage visitors to explore the entire campus

We can also provide in-house video production services to build your campus tour from the ground up. Our professional videographers can provide script writing services, on-screen and voiceover talent, video shooting & editing, on-screen graphics and more.

Bar-Z has created apps for colleges and universities across the U.S. including Purdue University, Seton Hall University, Purchase College, Fresno State University and more.

Contact us today to learn more about Bar-Z college campus tour solutions to market your campus to potential students around the world.