Publishers & News Organizations


Bar-Z builds apps for newspapers, magazines and television stations of all sizes. Often, these organizations have great content and are looking for new ways to distribute and monetize it. Keeping current advertisers and gaining new advertisers is also of great importance. Bar-Z mobile solutions can be leveraged to generate new ad revenue and deliver content where audiences already are: on their Smartphones!

We develop a variety of mobile solutions designed to connect with your existing audience and increase your reach.

  • News, Weather, Sports & More apps utilize your existing content, repackage it and enhance the experience with additional fun and interactive features such as user polls and photo submissions
  • Leverage your knowledge of the best spots in the area by offering a digital visitor and entertainment guide. These types of travel apps are some of the most downloaded on the Apple and Android app stores
  • Provide a platform for businesses to advertise with a coupon and deal app, shopping directory or customer loyalty program focused on your specific market
  • Take your existing "Readers' Choice" program from print to the digital age

All Bar-Z solutions include multiple monetization strategies including sponsored listings, banner ads and more.

Bar-Z provides a suite of different app solutions designed to help publishers and news organizations connect with audiences in the digital age.

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