Readers' Choice & "Best of" Programs


The Bar-Z Readers’ Choice Full Digital Platform provides a groundbreaking software solution to bring paper-based “Best of” balloting contests into the digital age. The Full Digital Platform allows your organization to quickly, easily and profitably run a Readers’ Choice campaign in a completely digital format. The one-of-a-kind Bar-Z software and our experienced, hands-on service provide everything needed to create, customize, administer and manage your program in the digital age.

The platform includes a responsive design website, iPhone and Android native apps and a powerful CMS to allow program administration and content editing. The system provides everything needed to run a Readers' Choice campaign through the Nominations, Voting and Results phases.

The system provides a host of features designed to carry out your Readers' Choice contests seamlessly in a mobile and web friendly format, including:

  • Custom layout for your program & branding
  • Date & time settings for Nomination/Voting/Results Phases
  • User registration to validate nominations & voting
  • Support for write-in & Google Places Nominations
  • Automatic tally of votes from all sources - no more counting paper ballots!
  • Customized winner display
  • Business listings can include image galleries, contact information, text descriptions, video/audio files & social media
  • Multiple advertising & sponsorship options

Contact Bar-Z today to see a demonstration of our Readers' Choice Full Digital Platform and learn more about creating a handsome ROI by taking your next "Best of" series digital.